It's Dolly Parton!
Dollywood's Dreammore Resort
United States
When one of the most iconic country stars comes calling, you drop what you're doing and listen. What we heard was the vernacular of humble beginnings, butterfly-filled dreams, and comfort, embellished with rhinestones - all delivered with the kind of hospitality that only the south can muster. FODA was honored to design Dollywood's first resort. Welcome to Dollywood's DreamMore Resort.
Dolly's fondest memories were her summers on the porch with her family, drinking lemonade and catching fireflies at night in her mama's mason jars. Now those memories inform the details of The DreamMore Resort.
Comfortably numb.
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana
Dominican Republic
A legendary brand devoted to all things Rock n' Roll, Hard Rock delivers the Rock Star Lifestyle. We balanced serenity with sexy, nature with nurture. Walls are embellished with song lyrics and tattoo murals transition the guest through the spa - all subtle references to the brand. At this 60,000 square foot spa, guests are greeted by rich chocolate satin, combined with sisal rope and capis shell to create a chandelier, which cocoons the reception desk. A color palette of warm chocolate, sunset orange, and Caribbean blue creates a dramatic backdrop to a tranquil experience. Bienvenidos, a la Hard Rock Punta Cana.
Toro, the steak restaurant, houses bold graphic details, accented with lacquered and metallic finishes, reminiscent of the embroidery adorning a matador's ensemble. Always delivering the unexpected, we layered the ceiling with cattle, grazing on an astro turf 'pasture'. The pasture itself was sculpted in the shape of the Hard Rock tribal tattoo to reinforce the brand's attention to detail.
Redefining an institution.
Tennessee Bank and Trust
Today, customer comfort and hospitality might seem unusual descriptions for a bank, but they used to be the norm. There was a sense of respect for the deeply personal nature of money - a time when it didn't feel so, well, transactional.

Tennesee Bank and Trust made these principles a focus for the design of this 15,000 square foot private bank. Our hospitality expertise made FODA a natural partner to elevate the customer experience from institutional and sterile to comfortable and personal.

Welcome to today's Southern hospitality.

The architecture is grand and timeless, the details are modern and elegant. Subtle references to symbols and colors from currency are featured in the design. Acanthus leaves form a pattern in custom carpets; antique scales display eggs (one of the world's first currencies). Local photography is featured throughout to give customers a sense of familiarity, commitment and security.
Fancy cars, movie stars.
The Ritz Carlton Spa at LA Live
Los Angeles is known worldwide for its glittering stars and shining star-makers. Yet, for the longest time, much of the glitz was exclusive to Beverly Hills. That has changed with properties like LA Live, a 4 million square foot mixed use development, built to bring the glamour back to downtown LA. The Ritz Carlton Spa is its 8,000 square foot oasis - the first full service spa located downtown.

Through a clean white and neutral palette, FODA set the stage for a soothing experience. Accents of metallics, facets and crystals add the drama and luxury that defines LA.

Back to our roots.
PlayaCar Palace Spa
Playa del Carmen is part of the Riviera Maya, a stunning series of beach towns with a uniquely bohemian feel. Huge dramatic trees filter the light, anchored by complex root systems. Nearby cenotes form a massive series of bright blue swimming holes and water-filled underground caverns.

FODA used this as inspiration to create the Playacar Palace Spa, an homage to the lush natural surroundings and crystal clear water constantly flowing underfoot.

Reception features carved wood "root" details. We created slots and punctures in the stone walls and floating wood ceiling planes to mimic light shifting through tree branches. Overscaled water droplets and a screen made from suspended glass discs symbolize the flow of water from the treetops to the cenotes. The spa's popularity has guests booking treatments three months in advance to ensure that they can experience this subterranean world.